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Geek out and find love. Well now there’s an app for that. Cuddli wants to help you meet and fall for your fellow geeks. It’s launching on iOS this week, though it’s been available on Android since last year and has already garnered a really positive response from its users. So why exactly do geeks need their own dating platform? You don’t have to prove your nerdy credentials to join, so it’s far more inclusive than the purposefully exclusive apps like Inner Circle or The League.

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Check out the superior user interface look of these brilliant Material Design apps for Android. Here is the definitive guide to the best Material Design apps around. Our selection features the best Material Design apps for Android from awesome newsreaders to music players and photo editor tools. So here it goes, in no particular order: Sleek interface, lots of functions like caching tracks, brilliant transitions and excellent UI.

The Braintree SDK is available in open source, but you’ll have to pay for the transactions made through your app. Braintree can be used in any app that manages transactions. For example, money transfer apps, travel apps, on-demand delivery apps, and shopping apps.

Google Play Google Play formerly known as the Android Market is an international online software store developed by Google for Android devices. It opened in October The store generated a revenue of 6 billion U. App Store Main article: While it can also carry listings for traditional desktop programs certified for compatibility with Windows 8, it is primarily used to distribute “Windows Store apps”—which are primarily built for use on tablets and other touch-based devices but can still be used with a keyboard and mouse , and on desktop computers and laptops.

It was opened in March and as of June , the app store has nearly , apps.

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So what do you think? If you install this app, do let us know your experience with it. As the name suggest relaxation and movie time, this app will allow you to download your favorite TV series as well as movies with a single click. Now, when you are bored, you will not have to open torrent site and Google and stumble across the web to download the movies and tv shows you want.

OkCupid is the only dating app that knows you’re more substance than just a selfie—and it’s free! Download it today to make meaningful connections with real people. OkCupid is the only dating app that knows you’re more substance than just a selfie—and it’s free! Download it today to make meaningful connections with real people.

Windows 10 introduced new APIs and built a platform that does much of the work to make apps more personal through adaptive UX, natural user inputs and cloud-based services. While the final release will happen later this fall allowing the bridge to take advantage of new tooling capabilities that will ship with the upcoming Visual Studio Update , we are making the bridge available to the open-source community now in its current state.

And, for the really ambitious, we invite you to help us by contributing to the project, as community contributors — with source code, tests, bug reports, or comments. We welcome any and all participation in building this bridge. Best of all, the source code for the iOS bridge is live on GitHub right now. The iOS bridge supports both Windows 8. I have a few updates to report on the other bridges announced at Build as well: We have been gradually inviting more developers each week and will continue to expand this preview program.

Our goal is to have everyone currently on the early access waitlist in the program by the end of August; and we are aiming to release the Windows Bridge for Android as a public beta in the fall. To get on the waitlist for early access, please use the sign up form. As we make progress on the Android bridge, we are also contributing to open-source projects used by its community. I encourage everyone to check out the Windows Bridge for iOS and install Windows 10 and developer tools.

If you feel that we are missing any feature or functionality, my team would love to know at User Voice.

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But in fact, this is not quite true. These frameworks help us develop better and faster. ReactiveX is a framework that combines Observer pattern, iterator pattern and functional programming all in one. We use this framework in all of our Android projects. Realm is a powerful framework for mobile databases.

DC++ is an open source Windows client for the Direct Connect file sharing network. The DC network is a decentralized network, made up of individual servers (hubs) that users join to share files with other members on that hub.

Tabbed Activity Android Studio provides code templates that follow the Android design and development best practices to get you on the right track to creating beautiful, functional apps. You can use templates to create new app modules, individual activities, or other specific Android project components. Some templates provide starter code for common usage contexts, such as navigation drawers or login screens. You can choose from these app module and activity templates when you first create your project , when you add a new app module within an existing project , or when you add a new activity within an app module.

In addition to activities, you can also add other Android project components to an existing app using templates. These templates include both code components, such as services and fragments, and non-code components, such as folders and XML files. This page discusses how to add Android project components like activities to your project and describes the commonly used activity templates available in Android Studio. Note that most templates depend on the Android Support Library to include user interface principles based on material design.

Add a project component Figure 1. The list of templates provided in Android Studio is constantly growing. Android Studio groups templates by the type of component that they add, such as an Activity or an XML file, as shown in figure 1.

A Full List of the Best Frameworks for Building Android Apps

Manage organized departments and let users sway seamlessly between them. Unlimited File Uploads Support infinite file uploads on your own server or other file hosts. Advanced Search Pull up specific conversations from the archives using the sharp search option. Video Calling Let users switch seamlessly between voice and video calls without disconnecting.

Dating Chat is a dating app for Android that focuses on chatting in order for its users to meet a potential soulmate. Chat that we’re talking about here is an actual chat, the kind where a bunch of users get together in a chat room and join in on the discussion.

Plugins Each section has a brief description of what it is before delving into the best tools within that category. What are IDEs you ask? Used to code Java but can be expanded to other languages via plugins, it is still a powerful tool. DroidEdit — An Android text and code editor to use on Android platforms.

Free and open source. Packed full of features including practice programs and syntax highlighting. Codecademy — One of the premier code-learning resources online, it has been used by thousands of people to get into Java coding, as well as other languages and frameworks. An interactive, learn-as-you-code format.

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I just want the app to be opened so that when I hit back, I’m on the hotels list for the hotel city If you want to provide your own, you should be able to do it. This last point is very important to me.

Orpheus Music Player app for Android is a brilliant music manager app with refined Material Design style, ease-of-use features and capability. MyStocks – Realtime stocks tracking app The most complete, beautiful and simple Android app featuring Material Design to follow stock market and financial markets.

Phones How to install apps outside of Google Play Android devices have the ability to “sideload” applications that aren’t available on the Google Play store. Here’s how you can do it. Due to increased security concerns, CNET no longer recommends installing third-party apps not officially supported by a device’s official app store.

In this case, we do not recommend installing a third-party APK not officially supported by Google. It gives Android users access to more than one million apps, such as Facebook, Pandora, and Instagram, among thousands of others, but what do you do when Google unexpectedly pulls an app from its marketplace? Google has removed apps from the Play store for a number of reasons, the most common being that they violate the company’s policy.

Once an app is removed, however, all hope isn’t lost. You may not have been aware that apps no longer available in the Play store can still be installed on your Android device through a process known as “sideloading. Setting up your device From your smartphone or tablet running Android 4. Selecting this option will allow you to install apps outside of the Google Play store.

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Twitter Other than Google, one of the reasons why Android flourished so quickly is because it is an open source operating system. Android does include some proprietary components, intended to improve functionality and user experience, but its base is the Linux kernel which puts Android in the category of open source software.

People install these custom ROMs on compatible smartphone and tablets after enabling root access on the devices. Moreover, there are millions of apps and games available for the Android operating system. But a set of open source Android apps would likely complement in the open source nature of the mobile operating system.

pH7CMS is a % Open Source Enterprise-Class Social Dating Web App Builder & Leader #1 as “Dating Websites Provider”.

But what if you want to do it on your humble Android phone or tablet? I strongly suggest you use an emulator first because you can quickly tweak it in case you run out of memory or storage space. Error converting bytecode to dex: In order to avoid build errors, add the following exclude parameters to your packagingOptions. Execution failed for task ‘: To be able to handle this condition, add the following option in the defaultConfig: If it does, move all files to one or the other as some Android devices will have problems with both present.

Let us now use it to create a simple multi-layer perceptron with hidden layers. It will take two input values, and spit out one output value. Accordingly, add the following code to the createAndUseNetwork method you created in the previous step: Builder object to configure our neural network. Feel free to change those values.

We must now create a NeuralNetConfiguration.

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The user is prompted to set up this PIN the first time they run the app in a work or school context. Configure the following settings for PIN strength: Set a requirement for either numeric or passcode type PINs before accessing an app that has app protection policies applied. Numeric requirements involve only numbers, while a passcode can be defined with at least 1 alphabetical letter or at least 1 special character.

Special characters allowed include the special characters and symbols on the Android English language keyboard.

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