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Studies show that respondents may not be able answer the questions truthfully because of being pre-occupied or bothered by the number of pages to answer, or the overall look of the questionnaire. Therefore, a good-looking questionnaire layout is an important factor in increasing response rates. The Cover Page Placing a cover page on your survey questionnaire increases the level of motivation and willingness to participate. The survey cover can instantly connect the respondents to the survey and make them feel that they are important to make the survey a success. The cover should contain the following: The title of the survey or study A one or two-sentence description of the survey, stating its purpose Initial instructions The name of the company conducting the survey Any sponsors The cover, as well as the back cover, should look simple to give an impression that the survey is conducted in a professional manner. The Instructions Page In this page, explain further the purpose of the survey. Provide brief and specific instructions on how the respondent should answer the questions.

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Justin Garcia , a colleague from the Kinsey Institute. The talk was a lot of fun, in particular because we used a program called Poll Everywhere which allowed the audience members to ask Justin and I questions via text message during the presentation. Unfortunately, we were not able to answer all the questions that people were texting in, so I thought that I might try to address a few here that I saw coming up over and over again.

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Writing good hook sentences is critical in all types of writing disciplines from essays and marketing copy to novels and short stories. Hooks are even used in song lyrics. There is no specific order of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that will get the job done. But when it comes time to KO your readers, this post will give you four simple steps to help you craft your perfect hook. Good Hook Sentences Step 1—Identify Your Audience Your hook sentence, just like the rest of your writing project, needs to speak to your specific audience.

Getting the attention of a college professor is going to be a vastly different task than getting the attention of a group of stay-at-home moms, for example. Before you write your hook, ask yourself three key questions: Who is my audience? Doing so will help you select a message that speaks to them. If, however, your writing project is geared toward the admissions counselors at a prestigious university, you had better get a haircut, Bieber, and write your sentence appropriately.

Before setting out on this writing adventure, make note of your intended audience.

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I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories. This questionnaire will help you design a superhero or supervillain for a novel or comic book.

In the current study, we report on the development and validation of the Hookup Motives Questionnaire (HMQ), designed to assess the various reasons for hooking up.

Thomas More Society on relationships and dating and its place on campus. After a trek down to Robsham Theater, and then a race back to Devlin, the group that had scrambled for seats and sat squished in the aisles quieted as Cronin spoke about the subject so many people are focusing on around this time of year. Finally, she landed on the hook-up culture here at BC. You just stuffed them down a little bit. After years investigating this issue, Cronin proceeded to regenerate her conclusion on the hook-up culture.

She explained that, though many students are not actually participants, the number of people on campus who talk about the hooking up is so large that it gives the phenomenon power, and creates this allure of acceptance and intrigue. The individual had to ask another person of legitimate romantic interest out, in person. The person had to pay for the date and it had to be planned.

The date had to be during the day and needed to occur within two or three days of the asking, which had to be soon after the speech was over. No one is interesting after three hours.

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Follow TIMEIdeas An entire generation of parents has spent years panicking about the effects of hookup culture on girls. But what about boys? Wiseman may be familiar to you as the author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, her look at the social rivalries of girls on which Tina Fey based the movie Mean Girls. For her new book, Masterminds and Wingmen, she delves into the world of boys. As the mother of two boys, she was eager to make sure that their side of the story was not left out.

Women’s responses to the questionnaire indicates that they might decide to hook up after someone has caressed them. Caresses can spark desire in a woman, especially those that are strategically placed.

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Always hook up with a guy who knows how to keep his secrets close to his heart. You want the guy to hook up with you and forget about it, not fall in love with you. This is never good. How to talk to a guy and make him like you ] How to hook up with a guy by arousing him The guy you like has to be sexually attracted to you and has to crave for your lustful touch if you want him to do your bidding.

PATHOS: A brief screening application for assessing sexual addiction

Solar Questions I’ve been asked solar questions by so many people over the past six years since the first edition of my book was published. In fact, one of the most fun aspects of having written my book has been meeting and talking to the countless enthusiasts who have bought the book and have implemented their own solar energy systems.

If you have any questions about solar, you can get in touch with me through my ask me a Question web page.

I usually meet them the night I hook up with them. I usually know someone for a week before I hook up with them. I usually know someone for at least a month before I hook up with them.

I hooked up the inverter to the battery today without any problems. I wasn’t able to find the recommended fuse in any local auto parts store so I didn’t use an external fuse. I wasn’t sure where to connect the ground wire to the vehicle. I ran an extension cord to my refrigerator and ran it as a test. After a while I noticed the watts drawn shown on the inverter was lower than what I’m used to seeing and once I checked into it I found the voltage coming out of the inverter was volts using a volt meter.

Last time I used the inverter it worked fine so now I don’t know if it was a coincidence that it isn’t working or if something happened today that caused this. Either way my test did not go well. As a side note I’ve run this refrigerator many times with the inverter and never had any problems. From what I remember the startup watts are in the 1, to 1, watt range for a short period of time and then it draws watts when running.

The local auto parts store carries amp amg fuses instead of the recommended amp anl fuses. Does anyone know if the amg would work in a pinch.

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Therefore, the only pleasure I seem to obtain from them is through hook ups. Anytime I have felt like I was growing close to a girl and that she could be a potential girlfriend, suddenly it all just falls apart. For example, one girl I was seeing for a bit seemed really great!

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There are only two significant gender differences in coefficients that predict hooking up. Neither coefficient is statistically different from zero. While there are statistically significant gender differences in the likelihood of receiving some sexual socialization via pornography see Table 1 pornography is significantly associated with hooking up for young men and women, there is no significant difference by gender in the effect, and the coefficients are both significantly different from zero.

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Leave a comment Cost-cutting and helicopter safety concerns are generating interest in marine crew transfer for offshore oil and gas operations — and driving innovation in the tools needed to get people from crew boat to worksite. The offshore access company Ampelmann has teamed up with fellow Dutch company Seaqualize on a new type of offshore gangway that can be installed on fast crew transfer vessels, providing a potential alternative to helicopter transport.

The new S-type gangway, scheduled to go into production in , is being developed in response to demand for marine transfers for offshore oil and gas operators, says Ampelmann commercial manager crew change Wiebe Jan Emsbroek. Safety issues stemming from a series of helicopter accidents in recent years have led operators to look for alternative means of transportation.

The S-type gangway was designed to be compatible with fast, lightweight vessels such as aluminum catamarans and mono-hulls. It takes up less deck space and is considerably lighter than traditional motion-compensated systems. By eliminating the hydraulic power unit HPU found on a conventional system, the S-type requires considerably less power to operate, says Emsbroek.

But the recently lifted ban on Super Puma helicopters, imposed after a fatal crash in Norway, revealed the vulnerabilities of too much reliance on a single mode of transportation, Emsbroek says. However, as with any transportation service success depends on passenger volume. Oil companies are interested in marine crew transfer but not sure they can justify chartering a vessel. Ship operators want to know that demand will be there before committing to building new boats. This is why we are working on shared contracting solutions.

By combining the crew transfer capacity of different operators, we can create a viable business case. Walk-to-work marine transfer is prevalent in offshore wind operations, which tend to be close to shore.

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Hookup Culture What is hookup culture? A hookup refers to any sexual encounter from kissing to sex that is meant to be casual and occurs outside of a relationship with no intention of commitment. In recent years, college campuses have become hotbeds for the hookup culture, with university sexual health programming and course reading lists often accepting casual sexual behavior and promoting sexually libertine ideas.

While the hookup culture is very present on college campuses, recent studies demonstrate that fewer people participate regularly in the hookup culture than is perceived, and among participants there is a great deal of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

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The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at J Addict Med See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. However, many clinicians lack clear criteria for detecting potential cases. Objectives The present studies were conducted to assess the effectiveness of a brief sexual addiction screening instrument i. Conclusions These studies provide support for the use of the PATHOS as a screening instrument to detect potential sexual addiction cases in clinical settings.

Despite the significant personal and social consequences related to sexual addiction, relatively little attention has been paid to this serious disorder. The lack of attention is likely due, in large part, to confusion regarding its etiology and nosology. Fortunately, a growing body of knowledge is emerging to document and describe the problem.

For example, the journal, Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, is in its twentieth year of publication. This work was followed by more in depth descriptions by Carnes [ , , a], Goodman [ ] , and Earle [ ]. Various researchers have applied diagnostic criteria which parallel those developed for substance abuse and pathological gambling to individuals displaying symptoms of sexual addiction [ Carnes, , , a, and Schneider, ], and others have applied independent diagnostic criteria to this population [ Black, ].

In addition, much attention has been focused on the co-occurrence of sexual addiction and other addictive behaviors [ Carnes, Murray and Charpentier, ].

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