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dating American Vintage 52 Tele Reissue

Serious electric guitar players and collectors clamored for reissues of the original instruments. But both manufacturers, at the time mere cogs in large corporate wheels, all but ignored them. Since being purchased by CBS in , Fender had radically modified the Stratocaster and Telecaster models on which its existence was essentially based.

Numerous spin-off models of the Tele were created, though, some of which had the infamous three-bolt neck attachment. Eric Clapton toured with Blackie, a mongrel built from a variety of Fender Strats.

It is a super-rare TLSPL ’52 Reissue Telecaster that was crafted by Fender Japan Custom Shop. Hallelujah, it is a Keith Richards signature Micawber model! Buying one of these would save a fellow a lot of trouble if he is in a Rolling Stones tribute band.

Can anyone tell me the history or date my amp for me please? It is covered in grey carpet All I know is that it is about 90w and I would like to know the history of it please. I just purchased used an M80 Chorus with black carpeting, 2X12, stereo, etc. Nobody can give me a defintive answer as to the wattage. Anybody out there know? I also have one of these. I bought mine new back in 91 or I always wanted to pick up the etra box speaker which would have made this combo amp a mini stack, but I never did.

You guys wouldn’t happen to have this and are willing to part ways with it or would you know with I could find one? Thank you so much for your time. It was part of the product line aimed at the metal crowd of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Take the screws out of the top and push the head circuit board out of the front on the amp and there is a year date printed on the board. I think its on the left side.

anyone got a vintage ’52 tele reissue

Since I really liked my Fender Telecaster I started to search for others and ended up with three different Fender Telecaster. This one is great, it has a few battle scars and the frets are a bit low but that just builds character. All three of these Telecasters have a pretty chunky neck, something I love.

They are around mm on the first fret and about mm on the 12th, not bad for a Telecaster. Unfortunately they weigh like a Les Paul, around As soon as I get the new flat in order I will make some videos of all three to compare them.

Made in Mexico Fender Telecaster ‘72 thinline reissue in natural finish. The pickguard was replaced with a brand new OEM Fender as the original was trashed. The guitar has been used but is in fine playing shape.

Bass 6 , to Typical wear on a ‘s Fender maple fingerboard. Fingerboard Material Maple fingerboard, s: This was the standard neck on all models until when the Jazzmaster was introduced with a rosewood fingerboard; the rest of the Fender models changed to rosewood fingerboards in mid Rosewood fingerboard, “Slab” Brazilian , to That is, the bottom of the fingerboard was flat and the board was fairly thick.

Fender 52 Reissue Tele

The Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster takes the best of old and new Fender craftsmanship to create a fantastic guitar built for the serious player! Visually very accurate to the look of a ’52 Telecaster, it has a list of sought-after Custom Shop upgrades to make any Tele player drool. It’s got a top-of-the-line thin-skin nitrocellulose lacquer finish Click To Read More About This Product We’re sorry — we no longer carry this item Find a similar product below or contact us for a recommendation of a great alternative.

It’s got a top-of-the-line thin-skin nitrocellulose lacquer finish that ages quickly and beautifully as well as letting the natural tone of the wood shine. The neck has been streamlined for smooth playability with a satin-finish back, 9.

favorite this post USA Fender ’52 reissue telecaster – $ (Winston salem) hide this posting unhide QR Code Link to This Post. Overall in fantastic condition with no issues. % original with ohsc. Trades unlikely but may consider certain guitars. Cash only otherwise please.

If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 and I firmly believe, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. I would have called it a Custom 22S or something. I like the blade so much more than the rotary.

A few clear coat indents or scratches but nothing through to the wood.

Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster (USA)

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The fact that I can buy a quality made and historically accurate vintage reissue that takes me back to the where it all started and, in most cases even have a guitar that is made better than the original is a dream come true.

About Guitars Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. An instrument is all about inspiration. You are the musician and the guitar is the tool you use to express your feelings and music. This has nothing to do with what models you choose or how much they cost. Some basic knowledge about the different wood types, neck and body profiles, pickups etc will help you in making the best choice. However, over the last decade or so, the MIMs has gotten a considerable face lift and the overall quality is very high.

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Gone were the problems normally associated with howling hollow bodied guitars and guitarists finally had an instrument that could be amplified easily and heard at high volume levels. Despite initial skepticism from traditional guitarists the instrument soon took off, to launch the solid bodied guitar boom. Stand out features include; the Seymour Duncan Mini-Humbucker at the neck, and a custom vintage Tele pickup in the bridge.

These are selected via the usual Telecaster 3-way blade switch. This is so as to allow the wood to breathe and age more naturally whilst aiding resonance.

Here’s a great Telecaster from the first couple years of the American Vintage series of guitars, built in the Fullerton factory before the move to Corona! This Tele has a super low 4-digit V serial number, and is in good playing condition with some wear to the body as well as neck.

It looks pretty good and sounds even better! When I look at the dating chart information they all say “except for I’m trying to sell my 52 RI Tele , it has a serial number , and I. Stamped-well actually it’s a paper glued on with this and date Jan 2,. This article is intended to help you date your Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster ,. True to form the reissue guitars have their indentification numbers stamped in Esquires, Broadcasters and Telecasters shared a serial number..

Includes the extremely rare certificate of authenticity with matching serial number and early April 12, date! Dating fender telecaster 52 reissue.

Telecaster 52′ reissue

Made in in the USA, I am reasonably sure. The serial number is not very useful, so the usual method is the date stamp on the neck butt and the body neck cavity. However the date stamps are both smudged, so the year looks like 20xx. The pots have a zero for the year code, meaning or There is a copyright date of on the manual, so it looks to be a The beautiful condition also seems to bear out that it is not more than a year or two old.

Fender Telecaster 52 American Vintage Reissue. $1, Posted 3 days ago. North York, ON M3B 2T5. Favourite. Description. Up for sale is a Fender 52 AVRI telecaster, the guitar is in great condition. It plays and sounds amazing, small bit or wear around where the neck meets the head stock where it was hanging on the hanger over the years.

Old style stingy five hole pattern guarantees upward warp on some guitars, slightly rounded edges, they sometimes even leave some buffing compound residue here and there. These pickguards usually require some minor to moderate filin’ and sandin’ to fit many Teles, we warn ya’. For many years now they’ve been shipping ’em already lacquered ‘n buffed like the old ones but they ain’t putting ’em up on a quart can like Tadeo Gomez did in the early ’50s.

No, they’re not perfect neither are the highly inconsistent originals Play ’em a bit, wear through the lacquer and you’ll swear you’ll lookin’ at the real thing. Fits most vintage and modern Telecaster guitars. We just checked a batch we received in May, and they are still Bakelite and they are still lacquered on the face. This material was commonly used in the old days to make telephones, radio cases, bowling balls and many other consumer and industrial items, including guitar pickguards.

Other manufacturers offered similar materials under other trade names. Characterized by unusual strength resiliency and toughness. Will not warp nor deteriorate with age. Can be machined, punched and polished.

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Lightly built with scalloped braces and hot hide glue construction, with a slightly deeper body for extra low end. This is from the new limited run of Brazilian R9s from Gibson. The guitar has a great top and weight – it only weighs 8.

Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Reissue Elektrisk Guitar, Butterscotch Blonde, Maple Fretboard Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Reissue i Butterscotch Blonde Set ud fra en puristiske, er det svært at slå denne genudgivelse nede-på-de-skruer American Telecaster.

Thursday, 27 December Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Review I recently had the opportunity to try out a brand new Fender American Vintage 52′ Telecaster, a true throwback to the old times and the classic Telecasters! If you want guitar-perfection, then this may be the guitar for you. For about 30 years now, Fender has been researching it’s own past. This research has ultimately boiled down to the new American Vintage range, a collection of what Fender believes to be the most perfect guitars of it’s history.

In this range you have: Each model is based on an existing guitar of it’s type, and Fender aims to replicate these as perfectly as possible. Blonde finished Telecasters from before ’65 always seemed to turn a yellow colour, known as butterscotch.

I Always Wanted To Try – Fender Telecaster 1952 Reissue – Mary Spender