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If your bus isn’t fuel injected you will need less 7mm hose about 1ft or so to get from the tank to the fuel filter or the Type 4 fuel pump. Why do VW tanks rust? This rustproofed the interior and also helped to protect it against salt and other corrosive agents creating a fuel tank that would last the life of the vehicle. Another term you may come across in your Google searches is Ni-terne. Apparently, the original terne plating technique used can cause the plating to slowly dissolve in the presence of oxygenated fuels and clog the fuel system so maybe it’s luck rather than by design that we don’t have other problems. Of course, terne being lead based is environmentally unsound.

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A thermocouple lets the pilot light in your water heater stay on. When the thermocouple is operating properly it will tell the thermostat to turn on the main burner. The main burner is what heats the water in your water heater.

Jan 13,  · I saw an ad in the June 06′ edition of Roadbike magazine page It states they offer a fuel pressure regulator for the Honda VFR , which is supposed to improve the overall drivability and eliminate the quirks of the EFI system.

Fuel pumps are the heart of any automotive system, and I mean that literally. They are what circulate the flow of fuel to and from the motor. Without them, it would be like trying to live without a heart…. I think you get the idea. Fuel pumps come in two main forms: Electronic Mechanical Fuel Pumps With the movement of modern engineering and more fuel-efficient vehicles, most have moved to using electronic fuel pumps in EFI applications.

For those still using mechanical pumps let me just say that they are wonderfully simple. Basically they are mechanically driven off some part of the motor, usually the crankshaft. A lever off the crankshaft moves the diaphragm of the pump up and down pumping in fuel. Mechanical pumps are great for low-pressure applications. Electric fuel pumps offer you the ability to pump the fuel pump anywhere in the system, and are more efficient. Electronic fuel pumps can also operate at a much higher pressure than a standard mechanical pump.

Remember that it is best to hook up the fuel pump through a electrical relay so that you can feed the fuel pump a fresh 12v off of the battery. Then use the relay to control when the pump turns on and off.

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As a result, they are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. I picked the Chevrolet LS1 V8 because of it’s awesome output numbers, availability, reliability and personal testimony from a couple of my friends who have them. I knew it would be a little more challenging than swapping in an LT1 or earlier engine, but so what!

The outcome will be that much better.

how to re-wire a fuel pump off a relay. on your web site it shows this diagram with #85 going to ground. in the wiring in the fuel pump relay #2. it states # 86 goes to ground. i am a non-wiring person, i have a bosch relay # 0 please advise.

Most common housings for this turbo are 0. This is a good turbo if you have an automatic, and can be daily driven. Somewhat bigger than the TS04, this turbo can make rwhp. It requires an upgraded fuel system. Capable of making rwhp, the T66 is a bigger turbo yet, this is probably as big a turbo as I would recommend for the street, it makes full boost right around rpm on most cars, a significant amount of lag, but not horrendous… full boost being 1.

Slightly bigger than the T66, the T70 is probably not a streetable turbo. Lag is a couple hundred rpm more than the T66, power output ranges from rwhp… perhaps a bit more with headwork… This is a nice turbo for drag racing.

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Fuel tank, Facet pump, and fuel lines installed on a Challenger. Click on images to enlarge. Sealing Threaded Connections as appear on the Facet pump The first question that will arise when you go to install the hose barbs on the Facet is, “What type of thread sealer do I use? If you have hose barbs that are also brass, no sealer is required. The threads, being pipe threads, are tapered and the design of the thread is such that they create an interference fit as you torque them down.

But, you must torque them down tight, really tight.

If you are noticing any of the signs above, but aren’t convinced that the cause is a bad fuel pressure regulator, there is something you can do to be sure one way or the other. Remove the vacuum hose that attaches to the fuel pressure regulator, making sure the engine isn’t running.

Here is a procedure to test the operation of the fuel injection relay and the operation of both fuel pumps. The 3 main things to check in the fuel circuit are the fuel pump relay, and the 2 fuel pumps. Fuel Injection Relay Test. You can check the 1st relay by putting your fingers on the relay module and turning the ignition on and off repeatedly. You should feel the relay click on every time. If it doesn’t, that relay isn’t working.

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My power windows don’t move at all! Check the fuse on the power window relay as well as the relay itself for the windows. Also clean the contacts on the switches as noted above – the current for the passenger window passes through the driver’s side switch, so check them all. Can I switch out my 85mph speedometer with a faster one? It is for the same reason that the national speed limit was set at 55mph.

However, this regulatory goal may or may not have something to do with the US government giving large amounts of money to the Chrysler Corporation to produce K-cars.

Jan 10,  · Fuel Pressure Regulator – STUMPED! Mopars. Actually most of my braided line connections use the AN fittings to hook it up. The lines at the carb and fuel pressure regulators use the AN fittings and no clamps. But I did clamp it at the fuel filter under the hood and where it hooks to the aluminum line where it comes through the.

Just scored a Malpassi fuel Reg, need some help as it didn’t come with any diagrams or instructions. I have assumed when installing one of these it can be installed inline with the current reg, and hook up to the fuel lines. There are 3 fittings on the reg, two on the sides and one in the middle. Can anyone shed any light on how these should be hooked up?

I have hooked it up with the middle outlet bottom from the current reg, with one of the sides from the pumps with the other side blocked off and the top vacuum line to the manifold. I tested the system, and the fuel pressure shot straight to psi not good , nothing broke lucky. Can anyone shed some light on the subject. Do I need to remove the old reg, or have I hooked it up back to front?? Any help would be appreciated.

Captiva Fan , The neatest way to connect it would be instead of the existing regulator, dunno if that’s possible on a VL though I have read where people have said that you can take the output line from your existing regulator, feed that into your Malpassi, and then hook up the old line back to the tank to the output on your Malpassi.

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Between the tank and carburetor How to Check Small Engine Fuel Pumps On a normally operating fuel pump, there should be no gasoline present external of the pump or in the pulse line. If there is fuel present in these locations, or if the pump is simply providing fuel to the engine, then follow the steps below to inspect and replace the pump.

Turn off the fuel valve if equipped at the base of the tank where the fuel line is attached. If there is no fuel valve, stop the flow of gas using a fuel line clamp. Loosen the mounting screws and remove the pump from the mounting bracket or carburetor.

On the fuel rail, you’ll find the place where a fuel pressure gauge adapter fitting can be installed. Look at the photo in the image viewer and you’ll see that. 2. Screw in the appropriate adapter from your selection of brass fittings in your fuel pressure gauge set. 3.

Pressure in a propane tank, large or small, can range between and psi This propane tank pressure must be reduced and be regulated for use in a home, motor home, camper, or an outdoor gas appliance. A residential application will require a low pressure regulator which reduces the gas pressure to 6 ounces Outdoor gas appliances may access low pressure propane gas through a gas convenience outlet located somewhere after the low pressure regulator or directly from a portable tank like the kind you see at Home Depot or Lowes.

Portable tanks require propane pressure regulation. Sometimes a low pressure regulator is built directly into the gas appliance, but more often is installed on the portable tank itself. Check with your gas appliance manufacturer to see what propane pressure is required for your appliance. High pressure regulators regulate the output pressure from 1 psi to as high as 60 psi. There are a number of different high pressure regulators available. Some high pressure regulators are “preset”.

That is, the propane pressure is fixed at a certain pressure; i. Attenuation of the amount of gas delivered to the appliance is done by use of an inline ball valve or needle control valve located either on the hose or built into the appliance. The other common type of high pressure regulator is an “adjustable” high pressure regulator. Adjustable high pressure regulators are available in psi, psi, and psi versions and have an output pressure adjustment control built directly into the regulator.

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