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Edit The Abbasid caliphs officially based their claim to the caliphate on their descent from Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib — , one of the youngest uncles of Muhammad , by virtue of which descent they regarded themselves as the rightful heirs of Muhammad as opposed to the Umayyads. The Umayyads were descended from Umayya , and were a clan separate from Muhammad’s in the Quraish tribe. The Abbasids also distinguished themselves from the Umayyads by attacking their moral character and administration in general. According to Ira Lapidus “The Abbasid revolt was supported largely by Arabs, mainly the aggrieved settlers of Marw with the addition of the Yemeni faction and their Mawali “. The Abbasids also appealed to non-Arab Muslims, known as mawali , who remained outside the kinship-based society of Arab culture and were perceived of as a lower class within the Umayyad empire. Muhammad ibn ‘Ali, a great-grandson of Abbas, began to campaign for the return of power to the family of Muhammad, the Hashimites, in Persia during the reign of Umar II , Muhammad ibn Ali. During the reign of Marwan II , this opposition culminated in the rebellion of Ibrahim the Imam, the fourth in descent from Abbas. Supported by the province of Khorasan , Iran , he achieved considerable successes, but was captured in the year and died in prison; some hold that he was assassinated.

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Parliament in the past couple of weeks has finally been able to hammer out some compromises, having elected a Sunni speaker of the house who ran on a Shiite party list. It attracted a lot of middle class professionals— school teachers, attorneys, physicians, etc. Some of its leaders were clerics, but it was a largely lay party and even its clerical ideologues envisaged some sort of elected government.

He had become an expatriate in soon after the Baath Party coup, studying economics in Paris before going to Syria and Lebanon. As a young man he favored secular, socialist and Arab nationalist ideas and was friends with the secular-minded ex-Baathist Ayad Allawi. At some point Abdul Mahdi swung to the religious right and he has sometimes been lambasted as an opportunist, because he still seems relatively secular and pragmatic in outlook. ISCI says it has given up its Khomeinism, and now functions as a religious-right party in a parliamentary framework instead of pushing for rule by ayatollah.

Its militia, the Badr Brigade, has become a party in its own right, led by Hadi al-Ameri.

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Our purpose is to show, as briefly as possible, the role that this region played in the transmission of the knowledge of antiquity, in the evolution of religious attitudes, and in the flowering of Arabic literature. We shall not try to find out, any more than did the caliphs of the period, whether the actors were Iranians, Arabs, Moslems, Christians, or Jews.

Men of letters and of science had gathered in this city either through cultural affinity or because they had been summoned to the caliph’s court for their worth or their competence. An effort was made to keep the language and the religion at an indispensable cultural level. In reality, there was but a single aim:

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In my version of a replica I argue the artifacts have been misinterpreted in replicas previously built by other investigators. The replica I’ve created yields not only a better performing cell capable of 5x the capacity , but one that is rechargeable. What they were using this electricity for is subject to as much speculation as the actual construction of the “battery” Perhaps it was not a battery, that is for you to decide.

To keep the interest of the reader and focus on the construction aspects of the replica I will try not to write too much about the history and interpretation by others of the artifacts. Several of the sources listed in Step 10 have already done a wonderful job discussing these details. Also, I’m unsure how to apply subscripts in the editor to write chemical formulas, I’d like to include the half cell reactions – otherwise I can take a screenshot and post it as an image.

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World of Mystery: The Baghdad Battery

Share via Email This article is over 8 years old Iraqi Christians carry the coffin of a relative who was killed along with dozens of other worshippers last night at the Our Lady of Salvation church in central Baghdad. Tonight, exactly 24 hours later, she returned to the Our Lady of Salvation church — this time carried by her family in a coffin that also contained her unborn child.

Today the priest who blessed her marriage and pregnancy minutes before he was killed will also be buried, as will several dozen other members of his congregation — all of them slain by terrorists in an attack that has drawn condemnation from around the world and left the fate of Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community evermore uncertain. Fifty-eight people, most of them worshippers from the Chaldean Catholic community, are confirmed to have been killed in the massacre, which was carried out by al-Qaida-aligned gunmen, some of whom claimed to be avenging a foiled move by a small-town US pastor to burn the Qur’an.

From a tourism perspective – near Baghdad’s Maidan Square. Gave customers forms that they filled out with important tolerances and preferences, take a boat trip on the Tigre River. And historic buildings; dating is a duty dating customs in iraq most people feel they must take on to not seem incompetent.

The puncture, just below a frieze of a king in a chariot, was in the replica of a Babylon gate next to the exhibit halls. An American tank sat in the archway. Though I had seen images of the destruction that took place a month before, the sight was startling. Inside it was worse. The administrative area was in shambles. Small fires had destroyed some offices. In the display area, angry mobs had shattered the cases and smashed 2, year-old statues.

The primary storage facility had been breached, and some 15, objects—no one knows exactly how many—were gone.

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The Associated Press Friday, January 19, ; 9: Parhamovich was killed in an ambush in Baghdad, and the Newsweek reporter in Baghdad who planned to marry her said Friday she had e-mailed him just last week with specifications for the ring. They had been dating for about two years and wanted to travel to Paris in February so he could propose on Valentine’s Day, but the trip had to be postponed until March because of logistics and work demands, he said.

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The PKK have manned several positions around Kirkuk since Fuad Masum, the Iraqi President, met Kurdish leaders in the resort town of Dukan on Sunday in an attempt to cool rising temperatures over the territory. The demands came in response to a disputed referendum on independence that the KRG held last month in both Kurdish regions and adjoining disputed territories controlled by the Kurds.

Kurdish leaders say they are prepared to defend it. Mr Abadi had repeatedly denied that any military operation is planned, but inflammatory rhetoric on local and social media has added pressure to the situation since the referendum. Iraqi forces gather in the area of Taza Khurmata on the southern outskirts of Kirkuk Credit: Turkey has threatened to close its land border with Iraqi Kurdistan and shut off the oil pipeline upon which the KRG is dependent for revenue.

Iran on Sunday shut its border crossings with Iraq’s Kurdistan in support of measures taken by the Iraqi government to isolate the Kurdish region, according to the Iraqi foreign ministry. However, the same day the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman indirectly dismissed reports that the crossings were shut. This is known to anyone who has been following the evolution of the events since ,” he told The Telegraph. It sends a wrong signal to the Kurds who could say that Mr Abadi is not really for de-escalation.

He should focus on finding reconciliatory means.

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As the leading manufacturing city of Iraq, The city has numerous oil refineries, food-processing plants, tanneries, and textile mills. The city extends along both banks of the Tigris. The east-bank settlement is known as Rusafah, the west-bank as al-Karkh. To the north, urban expansion has absorbed the medieval townships of al-A’zamiyah on the east bank and al-Kazimiyah on the west bank.

Baghdad suffered damage from allied bombing during the Persian Gulf War in

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The site of one of the deadly bomb attacks in Baghdad on Monday. She was always working here in this centre to help the families. They are a very popular family. Her parents arrived in Australia as refugees in During Ramadan, people refrain from eating between sunrise and sundown, often coming together to eat at night. She was born in Australia. She’s always got a smile on her face.

She had joined the school about three months ago. She was loved by all of her friends,” Ms Mladenis said. She really cared about her studies and was extremely excited to go overseas.

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In the streets of Baghdad, people have been anonymously putting up posters and banners supporting LGBT rights since the beginning of June. Their presence in the city has caught the attention of social media. One photo circulating on social media shows the iconic rainbow flag with a map of Iraq on it draped underneath the statue of Abou Nawas, a famous Arab poet of the 9th century — known as a libertine and for openly expressing his own homosexuality in his poetry.

The same flag was also found hung on a chainlink fence in Baghdad.

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Share this article Share Iskandariyah is part of a mixed Sunni-Shiite area south of Baghdad which was once dubbed ‘the triangle of death’ and was badly affected by sectarian violence last decade. Pushing back ISIS in this region after the jihadists took over large parts of the country in was one of the priorities of the government and allied Shiite militias.

That was achieved in a few months and IS has been largely eradicated from the area but violence – of a sectarian nature and crime-driven – has remained frequent. The medic told AFP that the attack took place around 7: The attack was the deadliest car bomb explosion in Iraq this year. The jihadist group has been losing territory steadily in Iraq for almost a year. In the most recent operations, Iraqi forces have been gaining ground in the western province of Anbar and have just begun their reconquest of the province of Nineveh.

In the cities the group retains control over, internal tension appears to be on the rise and the lack of supplies is taking its toll. Observers have warned that, as their self-proclaimed ‘caliphate’ shrinks towards extinction, IS fighters are likely to revert to their old guerrilla tactics and ramp up suicide attacks on civilian targets.

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